Wednesday, January 7, 2009


jack is down for life
kids dont like dane
jackson live a good snake run
but dont like it was people dont land tricks
dane's face
chilling in sydor's hood
new years kiss list
rosie like the week? 
nugget is getting there
yeah right poon as
rob was killing it, with the young girls
poon dog
the mapstones
maxwell got some early gifts
he will fight you and win
guy and his baby joke. maybe this is a really bad idea 
good as dead 
getting the fuck out of here
dane you got sucker in
men in the street
show me
happy new years
poon 09
im back, did i miss anything?
bother and sister and big old smelly dane
yeah little devil you
jack the his boss ladle 
oh god
gday mate, you a little bit lost?
i like fried rice
having a piss mate
his going to jump
the poon girl?
hello and goodnight

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