Friday, October 31, 2008


maxwell killing it age 9 mouths and walking 
cop in tight paints 
featch spot
mapstone was a tried ma after all the rolling around in circles 
photo: mapstone
this ones for poon. crailslide of the day
photo: ben
backwards rolling oille
photo: ben
bad hair day
p-rods skate park in the ghettoon the road again 
drain spot
photo: mapstone
backside tail
mapstone in the habitat 
fs 360 kickflip what a joke
ben the pom, visits the lovely la river 
ben pivot to fakie
mapstone lost out at sea. 


killed time at the double set, go meet the stone. coffee makes me shit
no on 8, down for gays
the founder 
dane is a nice guy
id try get away from this spot too
dane has some nice hand writing
black box spots
miss j oille 
fakie flip first try, but no luck on the line
mapstone just holding his piece
whats dane doing up there?
oh just a little 5.0. zero or die?
dane then tried a feeble and fell off the side of the roof.
did not land
fuck you dance
rocket to the moon
its time to go home for dane.
then shit got foggy 
tumble weed
getting to work 
yep lets go
black box bmx park?
long way home


little kid in a candy store 
scuba is going to make one lucky girl really happy
you'll never stake this spot. i really didnt have anything to say huh
it was a nice day to chill in the park
big soft wheels oille
sat around and talked shit
lots of the same colour dogs
stood around talking shit, at flat ground
hayden has a sunroof 
no job my eyes were seeing double. drunk as good as