Wednesday, April 30, 2008

positive energy afterparty

the man, himself sydor! he man behind it all, he is the reason all you fools come that night.what did you think of the video guys? i have no idea im so drunk! getrad gave it two thumbs up! and dix gave it one thumbs up.
good old tom walsh and robbert the winner. gayfag had one trick in the video and it was hella gnar! dane also got in with robbert.
dane burman loves my girlfriend. his alway asked me to send him nuked photos of she. and thats before they even meet. had gave his part four out of five, and james gave it one more to make it five of of five. oh sorry i cut your head off...
oh how could jasmina not go for you with a face like that? im lucky you live in sydney! you two dont have shit on beardo!
callum paul the star of the show! and his sister. $50 bitch! drink up callbot! jack really liked calbots part! and then i tried to ask mappy, but jack just awsered for him, with the same thing. his a nice guy, that jack felo.
shane also had a part, it dosent have any nathan jackson footage in it but the parts still bloody good! what are you tring to say! middzy got gnarly!
and line to get into the after party! and the line in fount of us! sam was doing something to pass the time. luke and a lady friend where chilling. and dix got fingered in his backhoe. luck g was sleeping as he wait and guystocks was squetting.

mappy and just some of his girls! is he going up? or down? mappy hads one kid and other on the way, well not those two! now thats how you drink! oh shit i found $10!
shane can now get washed up now his one of his manly video parts is now done.
tommy fynn baby strait out of south afrita and luke crooker not even fresh but keen. they are pretty fresh
jackson was trying to feel up jasmina but got my bum instede. getrad is in love!
this photo was trying up-side-down. jezza didnt want to get this hair wet in the rain. jezza's hood!
jack has a shaird part with ambrose. whatch out jack will burn you with his criguret. gayfag was back in melbourne to party! and he knoked himself out walking home.
getrad holds my beer as i get to work.
dane dosen't drink so his already a big enuther cunt already. cassie kissers really weried.
this photo is the end of the blog but not the end of the party. i love callum's hair

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dane's pole dancing

callum loves milk

...alot, at lest two liters per day. i think his in love!

free AM

free andrew mapstone. even behind bars mappy keeps a happy face.

calbot pictionery

calbot saw his father down at the petrol station, he had to get his phone off him or something... well thats just a big fat lie isn't it!
because of our little detour through north essesndon and bj's we were all very tired when we arrived. but callum still did some grabs.
me and callum were tired of driving.
west footscray, the west of a western suburb, where we went to Savers to purchase our outfits for the premeiere, its going to be a fun time.

Friday, April 25, 2008

hooners go bang

thats one evil laugh.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

dane and his little friend

hey dane... whats that on your forhead?
what?... oh this little guy!
friends forever!
its just something you call love.

lets get lifted day ten

by the time we got to melbourne i was skated, camera and funned out. so the last for day all come into the same day. and the menroy card was fully so this is it. hello.
was to going crazy so he was missing a lucky lady friend. your looking goo there mate.
man choi is so asina. what a bad ass, wrighting on the walls. or off the wall since 66.
and a dope flimer.
choi has the best luck with his cameras.he had a bug flying arould, just chilling in his lens. thats some artfag bullshit. well it was a really fun trip.
the end.

lets get lifted day nine

today wasn’t the best for our old friend peanut. he did then knee. he needs an operation, but he didn’t want it get stuck in this shitty hospital out in the middle of victoria, so we driven him down the melbourne so he could fly back home to sydney to get the operation.
the jumping pillow! lance wanted to come back to this place so bad! he was hyping it up the hole time. he told us the same story about him and jake racing around it on the hoon run. i think he talking it up a little to much...
...the pillow wasn’t as pumped up as it alway is, or this was to cold was it wasnt as full. but it was still heaps of fun. doing frontflips and backflips and shit. damn that shit was a work out. batman poped the billow, and stopped the fun.
cash money, fools! haha the sucker lance say $10 this try, and bam this little kid did this trick and hit the hill bomb.
yeah! almost back in lovely melbourne! everyone was hyped to be back in a real city agian, but i was hella phyiced to be back! oh and choi hit some pole.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

lets get lifted day eight

we woke up in the dester. with a little love bit form the bed. man there was alot of crazy ass people in this town! we saw waterloo shantell. b-rad got so dickheads, are you smokers!peanut got gnarly after finding out about the old as photo on beardobrah. he really wanted to fight. we drove past this old as house. and get went in for some arty photos. 176 something place shittown, bad name but a great place.
byorn was down to get his artfag on. this place had the nice writeing on the walls. death, cunts vnite, peace dick and evern choi sux. cool windows and boodly wallpaper.
the backyeard was kinda cool too. peanut and his but crack were there, taking photos. lance was love these place, for his arty shoots. he was shooting everyone. he got me to stand on a car. sorry i didnt mean it! man it was all camreas out at his place.
then it was good long stop at the bottle shop. hello my little friend. lance and byron got food from this place on the dc trip. and they said it was really good and the guy was hella chill! all this was true! they even had magic mushy's on the menu. byron's kalba was bigger then him! man that was some good shit! after all those beers and drinks i really need to piss, and this monster trucks as looking really dry. so i just had to piss on it. we almost got run out of down for it. the pasting car got out there shootgums! we some the real mount franklin. lance kissed a wine bottle, peanut got lucky, and i got real unlucky.

after chilling in the room for a bit, watching the new about bogan lane and lance put his dancing shoes on we when to the local pub! we got some dope as parma and plays a few games of pool. choi played the winner. and everyone in that place watch this cooking show. we went home after one of the locals told us to all fuck off back to new zealand

lets get lifted day seven

haha sucker! choi had to get us all coffee and food.
drain spot number one. tinbum's artfag photos. lance was a look for rocks. peanut was on the job. tinbum had to go to work but he would be back later, peace man.after the hard work, we stoped off for some eat downs. chois favourite asian food. brad was keen and waiting. watching the motorbikes drive past. rule one with choi on how to eat asian, look like an old crazy asian man, first, then taste the food, then and only then the hot sauce.
drain spot number two. we drove past this spot on our way into town, and lance was like WOW! so we turned around to have a closer look. and it turned out really good after a little clean up. bjorn really wanted in on this photo huh.
lance was really keen for this spot, after he when on the hoon run. choi was still being asian. and i spat on my hand.we then went shopping, i needed some new under wear and bjorn got a battery for his camera, as the other worked out where to go. on the way to the next spot tinbums car broke down, just like his vx. after a wile we left them to it, but there still showed up that the next spot before us...?
this sports teacher was pretty cool. he didn’t believe b-rad could walk across this pole, but b-rad proved him wrong. choi was really turning crazy at this point in time. he wouldn’t shut up, so i got him a little something. but it didn’t really work, he was still crazy as ever..
choi tried being write and brad tried being asian. and choi found a new little friend.

a quick stop off at the bottle-o for some beer! now we are chilling! after lance drank all that he really need to piss. he head on to that bottle all bloody night and took it to bed with him.