Sunday, August 31, 2008


callum got a boo boo, and bleed everywhere.

chill cops.

it rained so we watched andrew mapstones boom brotherhood.
this cat was gnarly, he hated life and tried killing everyone. 
prior made some dinner, 
and we went and filmed so shit for T3.


i like this place.
that looks good.
i had to get os of my own fish and chips.

drink out of glass.
we wnet to skate ghetto park. and died baby was found there.
king of the birds.
in the ghetto.  
slug's long lost drawing.
my boerd and socks were the same colour. i had to get o new set up and last night.
i went out to dinner for my brother's birthday had. this this people
yeah i got real boerd


franksion blow. we had a small crew.
frankson hero, there was big dots on my camera.
so i used some lens cleaner, and it fucked up
i wasnt very happy
but i came good, at jewie's and mike's house, the 4 skateboards team house.
pre-drink, and just killing some time.
not much left.
yo-yo time, jewie calls this fingering the pussy
the satan star, well almost
mike had a go... it didnt end every will.
jewie then showed off a bit more.
i think were really to go.
a little bike tow.

and everyone thinks his a nice guy. well he is he just doesn't like photos
johnny was there, and looking younger then ever.
this guy, likes hitting
jeremy and i, were trying to give ecahother black eyes. todd likes this idea, and toke it upon himself for it too work.
this was just a little warm up. jeremy only take a few blows. jeremy hit me a few times, then todd and a good 5 goes, and then mike gave a swing, and even... 
this guy. by the end of the night there was no black eyes and one skateboard lift on a tram.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


this laddie was filming little kids at the skate park.
a lot of setting went down
prior's head
crail of the day
everyone tried to do the flip snap mike corroll thingy.
it finally got made, after a little help form callum. 
done and done.
we had our own olympic, cos non of us really watched it. the 100m tic tac
100 m rock jump tic tac 
shot put
shit got silly
high jump was played.
and wight lifting.