Monday, September 29, 2008


look at some stops
it was hot out.
what this spot? it might as well be a skatepark. just ten times hotter.
grindy grind 
this was just silly. and it got even more silly.
sat round, with a pro
sat around 
out we go
it was just lovely, little skate in the capark
not a fan?
will did his first beer bong


rail was capped so we skated some grindy thingys
some fans of scuba 
cody gets the angles, even double long lens.
this spot breaks, boards, and hearts. and the cops that kicked use out told us to eat at chronic tacos.
someone's hyped for some chronic tacos
animal farm 
scuba look-a-like
scott was killing the out fits
text your mum
40ligs. whats that in your tits?
i'll eat that.
so will i
scott was killing that party
wait too much i wont some back
beer bong 
10mins later, out

Saturday, September 27, 2008


traffic was so bad today, it was all day and ever ending. 
la river.
crailslide, even me a broke i just learn it. foot not sideways
hella air time, the lads were killing it
jeremy and jack come skate with bowl with me
we had to drop a homie lax, a bottle opener is the number one thing you need in your car.
this is way, all the traffic. 
down for life? your slamming her? ...yeah right
hell yeah
we were just bored of sitting around at some spot, so we skates atiba's ramp.
everyone was killing it.
5-0 fakie 
photo: atiba pro photographer 
fs blunt 
showing off his shooting arm
cutest dog of 2008 voted by crailtap or something.
drop of the day?
$500,000 no deal
meet up with boosh
when to ohio. and sat around, and sat around some more.
skated some spot

kevin noille crooks
boosh feeble
andy bs nosegrind
hayden and i, learnt fs wallrides, and broke some walls trying.

tongue kiss, and dope hats
then shit go a bit fuzzy at ohio.