Monday, March 31, 2008


it all started one day at dockland's callum and i , where swarting water into each others eyes. and that callum showed me how to use macro on my camaer, and then my whole life changed! they is why there is so manly bloody eyes.callum pual's big reds.
beardobrah's little black.
jasmina's make up.
josh pall's pink vane
luke g's glassy.

nathan jackson after redbull.
jack crook's black hole.
perdo day. eye of hope!
there will be more of this eye blogs.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


baku clip in the making! mr baku fish says hello. barrierworship is now alife in melbourne. hail saton!
its all just a bit of fun! untill you land on a rock or one of this little guys with your bearback. we got kicked out but he will pay the oltonent price for stoping the the sons of saton.

here something to keep you entertaned untill the next line in the chan is complete.

my friend benny

slam magazine wouldnt use the photo and 411vm wouldn't use the footage, so beardobrah used it!

callumjamespaul's bedroom

after a hard day in the hot melbourne sun, i thought i was get my jeans back of callum, who stole them in sydney. and did a little 411 room spotcheck with callum. he wasnt really into the idea at first. now these good wall boards.
all callum's old skateboards. nugget grip tape haha sucker! callum made this pillow back his primray school.
koston singed a board for callum for being in his top five hates people in the wourld. what a nice guy, eric is! well they both like happy to me, in his chillers. callum hard to do some homework when i was there. but found some time to show me some old retro skatephotos. this one was just to show that nick bell was the frist to skae in inside of the yellow number. look sydor's using a three chip camera.
callum really is "off the wall" althought he dose like the odd wall rail. also kurt winters passport photo and a blue four wheel drive. stickers and magazines where all over his bookshelf. this sticker is just above callum's head when he sleeps. this one have arto's tag on it.
callum's rat he sleeps with everynight. hope you like rats girl! nothing that gnarly come out of callum's closet that night. there was alot of tissues in his bin but! marster keys to QV shopping center. callum's clection of skate-spoters, well there dont stop calbot! these some nice little photos.
GMTA everyone favortie WA skateboarding company. when your long neck his icey cold and your hands cant take the heat, get your GMTA brown paper bag out. i pulled this paper out of callum's back pocket it turns out his in the bryce sub-school.
thanks callum. we where in his room for 10mins and in that time callum's hot sister come in needing to know what we were doing, and now thinks callum is gay.


scuba steve and emilo! when shaven they both have the nicest baby facers. and there both the nices guys ever! steve have over ten guitare, and is also a very good hairdresser. well mike anderson thinks so.

Monday, March 24, 2008

the winter party

it was also the flanet party. nuggzy was filming lines in bewteen drinks. filmer buby sydor and slug. the boys spoted a sprout!
mappy thought it was be funny to have balloons around his neck. well it was very funny, untill it go stuck it the light. and they had to try and get it down.
callum(wearing big red) fanning out over brother trapasso, pete. that ladie wants callum or his lovy hair. and a filmer fight is going down in the backgournd with slug and cornwell. slug's being a bug and losing the fight but not the war! on the free beer was good!
kongo line! moonie leeds it off with the "no-deal" peace and then dan and sydor with there beers. best kongo line iv seen in a long time! all there need was this guy to make it any better! all hayll the moonie!
the birthday boy kurt and mummzy and dadzy. there just telling shit, to make there son look a little better. then it was father's time to talk, then the other father, then ohshit callum and beardo's ture was next, good work kurt! and the on looks was loving it! except this cunt! pecae or red draganes? little jasmina with megga pop anderw brophy. brophy likes callum. slug thought this photo was of ligs and ass, was this was really just of these two ladies. oh slug your so silly! shane had his own personl arm rest, that nike payed for. you better hold your breth boys!
thanks to mother winter for all the free beer and there grate party.
por spotlight. mr haslam and LJ. cassie also got a photo with LJ, congarlations.
when dan and i get together we can make one crazy face. our hair is shaved at the front and long at the back. our nose gose in not out and we are two times bigger the you. and moonie was sleeping
ooohhh!! a little lick to the birthday boy/man. them after kurt felt i bit sick. callum just making sure kurt was happy or sasking if the free drinks was still on, how knows?
there was so much love going around in that room. kurt was left out of this photo.
music maker danny wild and jd matty c working there magic. mitch was also djing but the only photo slug got of them was this one of his hat. matt was really getting into it. groff got a little lap dance from kate as they are from franstion after all. yeaha! look in the back, jon! and jock! noway! come lets party...!

... ok but iv gotta piss! callum with water? what? oh guppy, nar he was just making sure nuggets hands was washed. and cassie helps out by drying him off.
we used the girls toilets, coz someone had to thoughup all over the guys toilet. oh nuggzy!
jasmina put so make-up on slug to make him look nice for all the girls at the party. but it didnt really work. funs over kids.
old beardo and young beardo! and nathan was killing it! got kicked out, and still partied harder then everyone! it was the first time cheese and nathan had meet, and there was more then friends in the first 30 secnes. cheese was loving it. kissy kissy! there was some gnarly toungh action in there!
oh the storys we had about kurt! duoble shuka brah! one of this ladies droped my drink so she gave me her drink. wow! some crazy ladies half full mixed drink!
omg slug with kurt! well not really, slug with kurts borther. slug cant tell the differents beween kurt and his brother, or jasmina and jade. what a slug!
after luke when for a smoke, and callum got ashed on his hand by one of these ladies. luke brought this guy in for a photo.
he also got a phot with the two palm trees tamara and groff. this photo is a little nicer, then tamara crazy eyes.
oh kurt and mother! they sure look a-like dont yeah! maybe these two look a-like too? borthers form different mothers, well maybe.
now its time to party! me and jon, killed it the rest of the night! then bar tab ended, and we all got kicked out anyway so we left.
and the party contiued into the streets! chillin across the street of junky jacks. callum was in the zone.
yeah there was nothing really to say about this photo.
alex, rosie and crazy jake where there.
then callum saw was friend s form school. wait... callum has friends at school? its turns out that he dose. so he toke them out to dinner. callum word his magic as did guy. in the end callum kidnapped one of the girl.
callum just makes friends out of the gutters. happy brithday again kurt, and goodnight.