Sunday, November 30, 2008


braking in 
diving rob's bike
blackberries and cigarets 
just a little jump to show off to the girls 
hey there a matt there
more jumooy jumppy 
back to
you have to walk over the pit of doom to the jummpy thing
cody was a bit too good that the super boots 


happy thanks giving
Stuart flying high
time out
baby dick
kid with skateboard, on go kart buying coke

Friday, November 28, 2008


thats not how you set down
rain in la
the lemmon bothers myspace page finely payed off
kevin boneless 
i only skate 9 inch boards
skating the rails 
one dumb pool table ever
setting up jumppy time
lets run and jump some laps 
just shooting some hoops
too easy to spam that shit
flying star fish
someone's sisters art work
we got tina working
stuart started and quite smoking in one night
chicken arms 
scuba got up on the bbq
poo poo porno 
licking afro bum hole


skate dice, mad games of skate all day
so bloody boerd
killing time with some paint 
rod's new pro model, nice hayden 
flat ground funs


best two thing to come out of ohio, habitat and alienworkshop
scott's boss gave him a little dvd
skate girl fever, so bad
moving time girls

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


free and easy, we just want a hot shower
goodwill goodas
more shopping
we found stuart's shit spot