Wednesday, May 21, 2008

jeremy is in love

yep thats right, jeremy loves dane burman. im down for it. and callum also has something to say... tasmina i think its some girl from tassie.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


jackson and a football card
kurt and a pocket flarsk
and you know whats the oddest thing ever? callum when he is at home around him family.
you dont even want to know!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


shorts and this other guy that looks like shorts.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

street party

when geelong meets flemington, yep partys and fights.
blood? blood? yep you both got it, but guy wins! slugs dinner, his on the stuge. woody friend also had a good meal.
hell yeah! POON! id like you all to meet the poon team, callum, beardo, jeremy, jack, and guy standing in for mr dane burman and sydor.
oh isnt this nice, todd handing over a peice of krobys shirt
oh happy mappy familys. lj didnt really like me taking so many photos.
show me! a new melbourne skateboarding video coming out sometime
th vibe didnt really like what josh was saying, and gatzy was loving it!
this photos wasnt really was energict was before. i think gatzy fell asleep, but josh is keeping his head up.
sydor is making a blog, he says isnt going to runy lifes. id like to see it. if positive is any indercason, i dont think its ever going to come out.
two good as cunts. thats not cool man, cornwell needs them to see. yep guy need them too, and looked very smart. i also tried them on.
guys bum was really eckly. so he put his full hand up that ass.
guy had to go to work, as a billboard. i think he dose a really good job. this was the first time guy ever went to work drunk.
callum ofered them self a drink of this longneck.

one fat bubble

yep hide your face going to cameras, we are at a showboarding prem... yeah free beer. and thats way we are out side.
keegan started blowing bubbles. pass it over there lad. guy was watching.
callum head to get his licks behind them hole too. callum was acting like buss-lightyearthis photo dosent should how bloody good mooney's blow was. callum was tring to get a bubble to land on this tough for so long. he found out the hard way, that it didnt really taste to good. almost... arr he was scared well here is the best of both worlds. i good a good bubble shot of mooney and the bubble on callums touth.
hey al, you really let yourself go, in your old age. everyone was loving the new al, they just had to have a feel.
i think his pretty happy with his wight and how he looks. there was a fare few on lookers but this time.
and off he gose to krobs going away party...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


mooney and some snowboarder guy. yet brothers form differnt mothers. the same smile and shirt. and both really good guys, well im just guessing.

positive prem at jacks place

jeremy slams. ring ring gose the door bell, into jacks house we go. ambrose come in close behind. and put your board down.
sam dosnt let go. sydor is holding the only copy PE. so everyone set down and lets get this thing started.
glassy like to dance. ambrose looks a bit bored of the video already.

prior slams also. ambrose had to do the beer run, arcoss the street the iga. but his only 15, haha sucker. eveyone gave him there orders. shirt.
shane hits mappys camera. hugh is going to do a directors commentary...maybe.
gogging man gets gnarly. tom was loving it. jack need this glassers the watch the video. so did a little tacker.
huggzy nuggzy. jeremy was loving his part.
ambrose skates inside jezza's house. and hugh said yet another funny comment.
henry dose a hand plant in the woods. nothing more really needs to be said, he was after black lastpart.
he also plays buterful music. hanry has a day in the life on the dvd .
jackson plays in the snow. just a little look into the bouse frech. smoko time.
chirs haslam skates leifs mini. yep us one of the pros in povitive.
sam geroge last part. goodnight

Sunday, May 11, 2008

bye bye luke

it was lukes last day in melbourne, his going over to the states for the next 3mouths. so we when filming...not partying. sydor was on the mission.
me and luke still hadnt seen positive, after the two melbourne prems. so we had the 3rd PE prem at luckycock. slug came last, he was bummin.
over some pizza and beers. luck gave the video two thumbs up, me... just one, cos i need the other to take the photo.
jeremy is getting his own tv show called life of jezza. the story behind the blue and green wheel will be in the first show.
we skated some baku spot for a bit. luck wonted to get some more oz footage before he left.
yep capturing the footage that the spot. whats how luke rolls! yep beers and footage. shit son lines for days. jeremy was just getting silly. and slug likes fruit, lots of fruit.
ok good luck luke, see you in the states soon.
then i hits some acid and saw some crazy lights.