Monday, December 29, 2008


jackson gets first dibs , thanks to becca
my fat head
nugget pop over guy
dane's four pack of v's got stolen buy some guys wife
omg look that them big dicks
three men walking on one big dick
dane has a big dick, and sydor and jackson like to play with it and make beardo cum out
callum;s habitat ad
callum also likes it in the ass
sydor feels funny
getrad love
kane popping his way to the other side. 
we have to see that face for the next two months
okay my turn already
hard at work or hardly working 
just a little bit of fun
you kids have to leave, you cant skate here
big poppa dont always go to plan 
fake blood
film yourself in the shower?
jack attract 
these guys 
wont a lick
phone to paul
tricks of the trade 

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