Tuesday, December 2, 2008


free skate too the sun
cody riding that how he like it
cam grindy grind down the rollacosta
follow the sun
goz lig slide
"do any of you guys have marijuana?" 
heath fs nose slide
cody drop in
walk them steps
go fast or go home
sunsettingbuilding all shapes and sizers
down the kevin gose
driving down the holidays 
hill bombs 
glow stick time
under he gose
got a light
hayden rolls
the end of the world is coming 2012
the habitat still stands storm, thanks mother earth, photo op
little kids like porno
drinking time
meal number ten for the day
bother and sister
girls have strict rules
over ohio, and still with a smile 
east side and west side? kinda. asking gets you placers 
you have a boyfriend miss no sole