Saturday, September 13, 2008


knox park car park steve shoot lots of photos
ya big dumbly 
its little baby crail, his one happy kid
nice background jeremy
per chillin
callum is a good looking young man
sam looks pretty happy. this was went guy was half sane.
ghosty boys
fallen apart
post chillin, guy turned insane
saw moccos, and like always callum rode his bike.
lovely sydor
mappy the hippy 
love bum. and this guy was been keepy, taking photos of everyone.
xen love
jeremy was running out of cash money fast, and i lost a bet with jeremy form last week.
gayfag was taking drugs

aaron really really like me. maybe a bit too much.
goodbye, well not really
in the pissa 
thanks for making bj miss his tram. jade dosnt like photos

jon is a crazy kid

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