Wednesday, September 10, 2008


you have know idea what just happened!
callum and i, were skating up smith st to get the tram, my camera fell out of my top pocket, i didnt notice and skated 20-30mins up the road. i then noticed it was gone then skated back, and my camera was face down in the middle of the road on the tram track. im one lucky mother fucker, or maybe not. 
back to the scene of the crime.
welcome back
kids buying paint, for all the fiddly bits.
callum bear foot fs rock.
photo: james james
no bull 
did some skating. it was a lovely day at geelong waterfront.
out we get.

all done for the day.
every km counts. 
we didnt get lost. slug was just looking at the map and showing me where anglesea is.
home time but to melbourne city baby! 

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