Monday, September 22, 2008


callum is wrost at spelling then me
raw style
you hitting that?
really died 
callum james paul
tall pirate number 1, mr moonie, lost his arm in a loving fight with callum
tall pirate number 2, stuart
crappy pirates 
looking good
this will be alot funnier when the next skateboarders journal comes out.
message in a bottle
happy birthday steph, the tall pirate 
beardo is one small pirate
holy shit cronwell, your lost it. he then had to dress up like a parrot.
this pirate isnt fake
graaa red as the sun

take that you shit face
sleep time, but not when guy wakes him up.
best game of scorer, bryce and callum 5 - 0 james and cronwell
hell yeah winner
private party in the bathroom
andi wet front and back 

dollar dollar bills yo
bleed soya source 

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