Saturday, May 3, 2008

movesnight at steve's

keggin was having running racers with matt maunder's daughter. as everything was getting set up. the two biggest drinkers i know guy stokes and prior were behind the bar all night. sydor payed james james $10 to go to subway and buy them dinner. syd had to weite it on his order on james's hand. shane got some cookies for this hard work. chat cornwell.
you, you and you! steve, middzy and callum's big pointing finger. bryce got a new tattoo today, i was showing it off all night. have a little looksee.
middzy and shane made the most out of a gonz adidas poster. middz, gonz face eye and gonz, shane eye face. there was some good movies. sit down a watch the videos doggy!
longnecks kids? whats a nice guy steve gourlay is. tom vb man was hella keen for another. and i know your keen. shit your not out of that box already! oh you guys are chillin. blake was there, having a good old larugh!

kids was being funny buggers. the sunglassers were out we must of been getting drunker! looking like rock stars! and the artist moonie, witht the book alway in his backpoket. how farted? hello girls.
more funny buggers, some long haired, hat wearing faggot, and a short haired glassers wearing baby face. ok you gotta finsh that beer then you can have a little nap.
nugget was getting gnarly. whats going on back there? oh its james james and matty c killing them beers. shit you kids are stocked up. chess boy! oooohh shit you kooked it!
the grate guy, guy stokes is, taking out the bins and still finds time the play witht the dog! arr 20 short films done and done.
callum was his ipod! he was also one of the lucky people to get a longneck. shit man! all this bloody blog is about callum callum callum callum!
happy mates! tom vb man and steve. nice to meet you... whats your face. your killin it sydor! havea look at the face in the back. girls! his asked me about that good looking guy i was sitting next to the holenight, and it was moonie the sexy man!
yep more callum...callum was bumed at some kids for not cleaning up there drinks. matty c got gnarly and teied botteling me. he then when on to shoot jj in the head. and shane did a tailslide on the way out.
hello doggy! lets get some food!

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