Thursday, May 15, 2008

street party

when geelong meets flemington, yep partys and fights.
blood? blood? yep you both got it, but guy wins! slugs dinner, his on the stuge. woody friend also had a good meal.
hell yeah! POON! id like you all to meet the poon team, callum, beardo, jeremy, jack, and guy standing in for mr dane burman and sydor.
oh isnt this nice, todd handing over a peice of krobys shirt
oh happy mappy familys. lj didnt really like me taking so many photos.
show me! a new melbourne skateboarding video coming out sometime
th vibe didnt really like what josh was saying, and gatzy was loving it!
this photos wasnt really was energict was before. i think gatzy fell asleep, but josh is keeping his head up.
sydor is making a blog, he says isnt going to runy lifes. id like to see it. if positive is any indercason, i dont think its ever going to come out.
two good as cunts. thats not cool man, cornwell needs them to see. yep guy need them too, and looked very smart. i also tried them on.
guys bum was really eckly. so he put his full hand up that ass.
guy had to go to work, as a billboard. i think he dose a really good job. this was the first time guy ever went to work drunk.
callum ofered them self a drink of this longneck.

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