Sunday, May 11, 2008

bye bye luke

it was lukes last day in melbourne, his going over to the states for the next 3mouths. so we when filming...not partying. sydor was on the mission.
me and luke still hadnt seen positive, after the two melbourne prems. so we had the 3rd PE prem at luckycock. slug came last, he was bummin.
over some pizza and beers. luck gave the video two thumbs up, me... just one, cos i need the other to take the photo.
jeremy is getting his own tv show called life of jezza. the story behind the blue and green wheel will be in the first show.
we skated some baku spot for a bit. luck wonted to get some more oz footage before he left.
yep capturing the footage that the spot. whats how luke rolls! yep beers and footage. shit son lines for days. jeremy was just getting silly. and slug likes fruit, lots of fruit.
ok good luck luke, see you in the states soon.
then i hits some acid and saw some crazy lights.

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