Wednesday, May 14, 2008

positive prem at jacks place

jeremy slams. ring ring gose the door bell, into jacks house we go. ambrose come in close behind. and put your board down.
sam dosnt let go. sydor is holding the only copy PE. so everyone set down and lets get this thing started.
glassy like to dance. ambrose looks a bit bored of the video already.

prior slams also. ambrose had to do the beer run, arcoss the street the iga. but his only 15, haha sucker. eveyone gave him there orders. shirt.
shane hits mappys camera. hugh is going to do a directors commentary...maybe.
gogging man gets gnarly. tom was loving it. jack need this glassers the watch the video. so did a little tacker.
huggzy nuggzy. jeremy was loving his part.
ambrose skates inside jezza's house. and hugh said yet another funny comment.
henry dose a hand plant in the woods. nothing more really needs to be said, he was after black lastpart.
he also plays buterful music. hanry has a day in the life on the dvd .
jackson plays in the snow. just a little look into the bouse frech. smoko time.
chirs haslam skates leifs mini. yep us one of the pros in povitive.
sam geroge last part. goodnight

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