Thursday, May 15, 2008

one fat bubble

yep hide your face going to cameras, we are at a showboarding prem... yeah free beer. and thats way we are out side.
keegan started blowing bubbles. pass it over there lad. guy was watching.
callum head to get his licks behind them hole too. callum was acting like buss-lightyearthis photo dosent should how bloody good mooney's blow was. callum was tring to get a bubble to land on this tough for so long. he found out the hard way, that it didnt really taste to good. almost... arr he was scared well here is the best of both worlds. i good a good bubble shot of mooney and the bubble on callums touth.
hey al, you really let yourself go, in your old age. everyone was loving the new al, they just had to have a feel.
i think his pretty happy with his wight and how he looks. there was a fare few on lookers but this time.
and off he gose to krobs going away party...

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