Saturday, August 9, 2008

100th blog friday praty

a world without pollution.
jasmina with callum and bryce's eyes.
beardface with callum's eyes
we meet up with jeremy and bj. bj was right on point as soon as he got home, form over seas.
gayfag got lost in the sea of $2 house white.
ambrose is keegan's little bitch
taking other peoples clothing is a good way to keep warn in this cold weather. after smacking a far red wines, we left to a other bar 10 meters down the road.
mike the barman at he yellow bird
can someone help moonie out with some new boxers? 
keegan and sam are going to new york. well goodbye and goodluck. it was sad to see them good.
midzy and missers eyes
callum drinks feachjuice.
sam photos, turned into feachsam.
brother and sister. both party animals .
toilet graffiti. trapsso love. 
when  i gave them the eye pictures they didnt really know what to do with them.
BJ won the best female badminton championship in mexico, just before he go back.
keegan packed his bags and headed off to the airport. i was living for your punch keegan!
yeah this photo kinda sums up the night.

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