Sunday, August 24, 2008


photo: jasmina
fish that looks like a rose, would you eat it? i wouldnt
callum finished off one of father slugs art works. as gayfag toke for ever to open his bottle of red.
thats alot of people in a small room.
a slug film
thats love.
father slug's art
callum was happy cos he toke a photo of slug with two heads
get way while you can.
emilo and and his blow-up girlfriend, rainee.
there was alot of room in slugs bedroom 
prior piece of pager something about something. work shoes were sitting at the door
faggot and i sunk into that good foods thingy for some freebees.
fuck graffiti.
best photo ever. self props
cooking up some dinner.
what do you do with them?
you drink wine with them.
drink up, and bin it.
you put them up your nose.
and what will moonie do with it?
he'll make art with it.
the girl was working, as the boys played.

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