Sunday, August 10, 2008


i started putting some photos in my room.
jeremy and i, just killed time in the city, waiting for our really slow lady friends. jeremy brought a new black beanie, and wear his jumped inside out.
prior and his winter get up. and was skatign really well
slug and gus just stood around as calllum and prior shredded the gnar.
we saw rosie. she was trying to make something with her life, and went to rmit open day.
this lady kept falling asleep and dripping her ice cream in doing so. she would wake up every number and say something to us. gus tried to hook-in.
slug bug was washed up form head too tow. well thats what happens when you have a night at jewies.
it was shit weather and we still need to kill time, so we went bowling. and sunday bowling was hella cheap. will lets just say it was as cheap as a schooner of beer.
andrew was first up too bowl.
jeremy was happy with his bowl.
i just killed it, in my power ranger shoes.
gus and all his balls.
the scoreboard after the first game.
game two was just as fruitful. but i will a few more drinks and alot more phone calls. there was this girl in the other lane with a pretty done name.
prior with the come back. there was a three game played but it a bit hard to see who won, and i cant really remember.
the xen crew, daveo love, since 1999.
i had a $2 chicken for dinner. 

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