Tuesday, August 26, 2008


down to city park.
noille bonks on the way.
meet jeremy for a easy skate. bean plant to fakely.
gnarly skates were going down at library.
callum just had to get in on the photo. callums penis was a cushion for richard's head.
jack just wants to be a hill billy. lincon was get double capped when we were chillin.
crailslide, crailslide crailtap.
photo: callum
im coming back, watch your back, callum in coming for your shit. beanplant
callum same old, fs smith of card's.
this kid was getting mad air.
this kid was locking this back smiths and winning the demo.
the pot of gold is somewhere in williamstown.
back to the sunny city.
anthony mapstone's bossiness card.
the spire 
pan fried feach cake times two.

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