Wednesday, August 27, 2008


we went for a little drive out too...
point cook park.
thank god his not doing a smithy.
oille in
fs boneless
tricks tricks tricks
syd is fat, and loves little boys.
guy was getting gnarly.
callum was trying to get arty, and to shoot a played out trick from the last few days. he needs a focus.
bootleging photos is almost as good as bootleg the skateboard company, rip.
sydor is really tall, or its just im really small.
help our niggas out.
guy dosnt like getting past the point of no return. but he dose it anyway.
back crail.
we went back past the u=pipes on the way back.
callum thinks he has style.

jeremy was bet after all that pumping in the bowl.

we then went for a little walk.
what do we do? guy says drink. we skated it for a bit, but the we just started making it roll.

we then rolled the the full pipe for awhile. and then we all went home.

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