Monday, March 24, 2008

work hard play hard

crazy nugget filming his crazy nugget lines, all day everyday!
we stoped out busy skateboarding sheckon for a quick lunch brack . shane andi got stuck is a shop window.
jezza should up at moonie's place looking a little differant, kinda like this...
we'er all kids at heart, and a playground is so fun even when your a... oh shit in got nothing to say. arr slug looks happy but. slug went down the slide and got stuck half way and then come out the wrong way. how dose that work?
jezza showing off his ball skills, shit he almost got me! some crazy games of tiggy were played.

then play time was over! nuggety stoped the fun and got slug back on the job! there was some mad angles beeing thought out there. but the cops stops our school yeard fun.
this weekend was down to work, mappy and this new asiternt were working hard! callum dosnt really know whats his doing yet. but he take this photo of prior in a sercool? well callum just takes photos of what he sees.
keep clear for beardo! it was mine trun to show the kids how its done. slug still hard are work, trying to put food one the table for this wife and kids. blue is stezzy brah! $65 bicth! and urs crazy old man friend i happy too? well i cant be sure coz noone know what the hell he was saying. callum also hit same hammers!
speed anyone? well his is where to get it. unless prior has already got it. and if your into that you could also be into this! its midget porn. jezza was loving life watching pron on speed! well that is all peace fools! we just bartmaned all the way home.

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