Saturday, March 29, 2008

callumjamespaul's bedroom

after a hard day in the hot melbourne sun, i thought i was get my jeans back of callum, who stole them in sydney. and did a little 411 room spotcheck with callum. he wasnt really into the idea at first. now these good wall boards.
all callum's old skateboards. nugget grip tape haha sucker! callum made this pillow back his primray school.
koston singed a board for callum for being in his top five hates people in the wourld. what a nice guy, eric is! well they both like happy to me, in his chillers. callum hard to do some homework when i was there. but found some time to show me some old retro skatephotos. this one was just to show that nick bell was the frist to skae in inside of the yellow number. look sydor's using a three chip camera.
callum really is "off the wall" althought he dose like the odd wall rail. also kurt winters passport photo and a blue four wheel drive. stickers and magazines where all over his bookshelf. this sticker is just above callum's head when he sleeps. this one have arto's tag on it.
callum's rat he sleeps with everynight. hope you like rats girl! nothing that gnarly come out of callum's closet that night. there was alot of tissues in his bin but! marster keys to QV shopping center. callum's clection of skate-spoters, well there dont stop calbot! these some nice little photos.
GMTA everyone favortie WA skateboarding company. when your long neck his icey cold and your hands cant take the heat, get your GMTA brown paper bag out. i pulled this paper out of callum's back pocket it turns out his in the bryce sub-school.
thanks callum. we where in his room for 10mins and in that time callum's hot sister come in needing to know what we were doing, and now thinks callum is gay.

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