Saturday, March 22, 2008

the last night of un-age drinking

the boyz in da club! henry, gayfag, danny wild and scotty. real man have hair on there chests.
cassie and the tiwns. the girls showed there love to jasmina by attacking her.
jake rassing his glass of henersee to jasmina. jake was just trying to fight everyone.
man its a tight gayfag with them paints and shoes! this is crazzy there even have the same tattos!
jessie and bryce, just to show there really are some crazy people out there. and if you think thats gnarly, look at this! shit fool you should put them back there really not done yet!
jasmina likes the double peace sings but lura like the double fuck you sings. im getting the feeling that larua just dose like me or something. maybe she just hates guys?
the alphington girls, milly live aross the road from me, i havnt spoken to she in like over 10years. oh the good times. my cumb house, playing doctior and running arould my house nude.
oh shit bryce is going really red. party on!
i dont remerber what was going on in this photo, but i bet prior was saying "jasminabrah" a heap.
jake wants to party, jade says not tonight. iv got balls on my head, balls on my head! big boys with there little toy. it can make fire and it give ya something to get off at. moonie spots a sprout! think his keen. so he opened his mouth, and got him hook, line and sinker!
if i didnt know any better id think, there two are related or something. badge got jasmina i little present. oh josh meet badge, his in a band. but this is the big sister, narina. well pointed out mate. sorry im a bit busy to update beardobrah right now.
the brithday girl had a little nap. she looks really happy, wounder what shes dreaming about?
more of those crazy people i was talking about, those ones sure has some hair. nar gamminnn nathan is just the happest guy i know. his form out of town and his single! hit him up girls? girls? boys? anyone?
peace everyone! peace guys, peace fools. but the fun didnt stop! after a cheesburger and a photo of fag&bag, we hit the road! there was a quit taxi ride, with gayfag, scotty, jasmina and myself, yeah shuka! to the crown cosino! as gayfag lost money on the pockes jasmina at some goodies on the rulet table!

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