Tuesday, March 11, 2008

beerboarding at the skatepark

the positive energy slam mag. with a hole heap of friends in this issue. nice work to lewis for turning pro and SOTY.
gay fag brought a packed lunch of coin chips and dip, and a large purple drink to wash it all down with. as the others eat lunch, i tryed being all stevie and shit with some sw pop shoves and broke my board. so had to go home! but there was cookies my brother's girlfriend make waiting for me.

meet up with everyone at north couth skate park. where mappy and the hoon part of the globe team were also. callum and i skated its place when we were wee-tackers, tryed all the tricks from back in the day.

beers and skate would have to be one of the best things ever! they go down so blood well! jezza had a pusey scab. i worked out some plans for last after shard for shane. and then it was time to go, but it was not the end of the fun!

mappy played us a song, and showed us his some of his holes! gay fag for into this party shoes. callum eat dick.

jack got 32 missed calls form his dad in thailand, he got jack some fresh ripcrul and quicksiver tees.

callum had shotgun and like always he was being a dick, and we had to show him the law. bloody callum's dumb face. its all started with a few hits to the head and some hair pulling. but after all the shit it wasnt long for everyone to become friends again.

and off we went to fitzy for shane!

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