Thursday, March 13, 2008

shred for shane fitzy party

thats the happiest peace dude iv seen. he looks like his just done some pingers.

chima is over skateboarding, he and everyone elss knows his to bloody good and so his started filming. all skateboard filmer are crazy and odd as anything, so he thinks he could be the frist steezy skateboard filmer. and choi is just gona ask people about there female myspace friends...

kegan smokeing a cigrat with his shaved headed friend, crappy. i founded a new way to get high! its so good ya have to try it!
the big anderw mapstone, telling the kids whats up! you kids gotta get photos every day, film tricks all night and have sex with all the hottest girls in between all that. mapppys waitting for one of you kids to do something good! but they bailed to find something better to do.
maybe dustin is starting a blog, there was alot of photos taken by this guy. he showed use what can be done with his camra, you can draw with your finger and i forget the rest... but it was kinda cool.

and thats how you bootleg a good photo! tall on the left and short on the right. sydney one side and melbourne rippers on the other. a lot more bootleting3000 went down that night. also alot of people had a little talk to callum. i think its all good but.

oh happy familys, yep more bootleging going down. choi's father was there making sure he wasn't drinking to much. i think choi's in love, but dont tell kurt. maybe the same gose there, arrr you got me! nar slamming.
oh shit, have a look at these two, bad news if iv ever seen it. the smiles are just a cover up. nitty will make ya do tricks until your heart stops. oh shit mappy come with some more beers!

crappy working hard! and you think skate companys are hard try keeping ten difffernt trype of meat under contral. thats so hot ass shit right there! come and get them kids! don't call me a kid! chris is the dopest.

omeally come kill people with his eyes. its something me lernt went be was living in the states. nitty also did some time in the states, and come back as a raging alcoholic and an american acent.

callum went home for a bit, and come back with some dinner his muma paul made just for him. everyone wanted a bit.

little chris killing it over the spine. naked skateboard is not cool, thats way there is no photo, or maybe coz i missed it.

callum really had to get down for this photo. almost team t-puds and l-mars. "oh shit that long haired guy is coming over to use!"

save yourselfs! and get out of here!

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