Tuesday, March 18, 2008

one hell of a random day

the day started by inventing some guy assed trick. jack was in deep shit with his mummzy after a big weekend of sex, parties, gnarly skating, drinking and more drinking! he was dope off at the park so her know he was being a good little jacky boy. after seeing jasmina, i got a message saying... yeah sorry about getting you sick!
saw choi from the train, he said he was going to psc, and he was skating the wrong way. i guess its ok because he is form sydney after all. You lost? the day only really started after lunch, that consisted of two vb's and a pack of chips. well it was st kilda!
riding in the back of the van! well a free ride is a free ride. jack was showing off the newest element winter head wear. as josh was just chilling with his dope little seat. man i wouldnt be chillin in the back of that van all the way to bendigo that for sure!
by the time i got to docklands that hard work was done. happy to see choi was back safe with everyone after getting lost in the big smoke. he got two beanies for $4, you'll be a happy man too.
the butrfuly view for state liberty. the day looked like it was over, but no! uncel chilling in the sun. we had herd about a mini rump inside melbourn central. there was an oakley shop opening. and renton millar was nice enough the let three little skate rats like jake, jezza and myself, to show off our stuff. it really should have been called a poon demo!
this crazy assed photographer guy was there getting all up in people facers and shit, no one really liked this guy. there was a hole heaps of people off shows like getaway and shit like there at the oakley party. the shit was so random! oh did i mention there was free drinks too. i got my bootleg on!
sunglasses A. well everyone was trying them on... al wilson was looking every nice. jack and josh didnt look to bad. and his guy was so happy with how he looked, he was getting some dope myspace picx! as some gnarly shit was going down in on the other side of the room.
after a quick message to gayfag about the free drinks, he and his side kick showed up. fag was wearing a lovely line green shirt. he also tried on some glasses.
and then, after pissing in a hole in the wall it was time to go home. and on the way i saw elizabeth. not sam's elizabeth but the other flavour.

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