Saturday, July 26, 2008


these kids had already played in some random back streets before i met them. skate rats! i love it!
we eat handrails for breakfast.
a nice little hill bomb thought the park.
keegan saw a movie set, so he had to go check out the food table.
keegan come back with a really nice cup of tea.
we had a look in the local """>hothouse.
prior enjoyed this time in there, but was bummed that the layout had changed since the last time he was in there.
poon |poōn|
1 any large Indo-Malayan evergreen tree of the genus Calophyllum.
2 short for poontang.
poontang |ˈpoōnˌta ng | (also poon)
noun vulgar slang
sexual activity.
• a woman or women regarded solely in terms of potential sexual gratification

ORIGIN 1920s: perhaps from Limba (a West African language of Sierra Leone) puntu ‘vagina,’ or perhaps alteration of French putain ‘prostitute.’
it was other really nice sunny day, keegan just sat out and enjoyed the sun. jeremy on the other hand sat under the shade coz he gets sunburnt really easy, with his red hair and all.
we baled form the hot crew, to meet sydor. best way to get to city park.
we saw some little trucks.
yep, sydor is the king. jeremy falls.
1/4 pounder.
welcome to the roulette wheel.
happy or kiddy fiddler?
the world is my oyster.
what you got boys?
new spot.
big popper heart stopper.
paul's hangover just set in at the spot. paul your a pile.
hey anderw.
dale showed up making meanly business calls, on his new work phone.
this guy was trying to fly.
and this guy went down the whole beach on one foot.
sydor can walk on water.
and midzy lives in the sea.
its sunny at the beach. keegan saw watching himself skate.
dinosaur jr and middelbrook jr
um baseball shirts were cheep this week. gay?
someone wanted in on the fun.
more sunset
im better at drinking/eating beer then jeremy.
shit man is that piss?
i hung out with a 30 year old man.
im also better that drinking then keegan, and his sexual festered.
dinner, yes i eat alot of shit.

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