Sunday, July 27, 2008


well looky what we have there. callum didnt want to be photographed this morning.
callum power slide tran to tran tran.
gayfag wear a skate shirt today.
gatesy woke up wearing this jacket. and sold it to sydor for 5 whole dollars.
callum made some friends. and them hit him in the face. 
all these men were working as everyone just played.
we had a look at the prior drop in. slug dropped it and callum danger'd into it. and paul just watched. even mapstone had a look.
slug dropped it agian, to shoot it.
...but it didnt go as well this time, and his nose hit the flat bottom.
and he rammed his ribs onto the side off the drop.
gayfag saids he always has the worst facials in my blog. thats coz he never stops bloody talking.
"i cant wait to give this back to sheckler" -mapstone

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