Thursday, July 24, 2008

sunny thursday

lovers walk
dk was the frist thing i saw when i got to the park. and this is what i thought about:
DK's Blurbs
About me:
yo my names alex also known as DK i enjoy skateboarding, chilling with people such as callum paul, dane burman, prior and bugloar. my favouritefood is callums mums secret recipes such as pasta pizza and of course her good old bangers and mash waith a secret sauce. well me and callum paul we go back a long way we grew up together and where next door neighbours that shair a secret bond witch i cant tell you about it because he will be very angry and yeah. oh and i some times hang with callums brother '' riley '' we do heaps of cool stuff together CALLUMS ADRESS IS 40 MERRI ROAD BRUNSWICK he likes it whn you come in and make your self at home and his grandma can nit you some great sweaters. oh and if you need to call him his number is 042245**** and if you cat get hold of him try dane burman on 042248****. oh and priors number is 042212****. callum is quite a sophisticated kinda guy he likes walking his cat along merri creek through the morning mist. any way thats all for me, peace
fs blunts are zero or die
yum yum. and the sundae just made it so good, coz it was just the best blue sky day! pooham locals
gayfag was just finshing up on this interview. fag was using his hands alot. mapstone was working hard for this.
new spot.
this truck was pumping sand. everyone was eatting keegan's bread at the spot,
paul back tail.
keegan back tail
jeremy with the burn, switch back tail.
the yo-yo spot. jeremy was keen for the spot.
the crew on other spot.
callum showed up after school. and didnt do shit all.
gayfag gave him the rest of his subway, and callum was hyped.

keegan wright down everything he herd, and this is what he come up with.
satan satan satan satan satan satan six time for 666.
i got this message, and i thought it was funny.
prior was thinking about it, and he was drinking. did he or didn't he? 
gayfag's feet.
la la lands, there is a dope baby tranny in the bathroom
gayfag is a fan of my blog.
geldi was relieving the dale van iersel photbooth.
what a nice fireplace
me and geldi had to have a look at the photobooth, on our way back.
we skated lovers walk at night, gnarly.
and i had dinner with this girl. jasmina finished her roll of film, on me at macers.

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