Monday, July 21, 2008


i love my skateboard, so we when on a skate date down lovers walk.
fukn'dane poon
jeremy working two days in a row.
dane set up a board and got a portrait
it was all hungs and fun in the backseat with my two favorite zero riders.
we skated the globe.
xen down for life. and mapstone's smelly feet. 
mapstone alway take a piss at the spots.
jam jam. my head was bleeding for some unknown reason.
mapstone told me off for not getting long, wnt i was filming mappy, so the spot looked bigger.
crying. mapstone needed other piss at the end of the skate too.
dylan rieder forgot his grip at the spot.
skated newport will the perth and camberwell boys.
dane can grind anything
prior's unveiling of his feature wall. oh the pain.
prior's house was full of art
and odd things.
we all remember this night. midzy didnt write 'love' prior did.
there was food and drink for everyone.
we got bored of all the art so every read old skate mags.
gayfag want a portrait in front of the of all the tapes.
it started off as beardo, then something.everyone was waying themselves, jeremy, me, dane, harry, sydor, paul, yuta and prior
pete(borther of nick) trapsso, just before he showed everone is foot-long cock.
neggy jeremy. we was wear more stuff insideout.
yuta;s cock is this long. shit have a look at that hat!
harry taking a piss.
paul taking a piss.
everyone got there photos taking in the toilet.
sam the emo, liked my new camera. this is dane's face when got court out!

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