Sunday, July 20, 2008

new camera staturday's.

jeremy wears a lot of this clothes insideout.
the man in pink, the man behind epicly gaytr'd, the man gayfag. we met mapstone and sydor the skate media.
dane almost dieded running across the road, to hug ambrose.
mc africa
crossing the street.
callum tried to make up for all the bad things his done this week, so he helped mappy set up his flashers.
midzy and his super 8.
callum is really tall and his head touchers the trees
cameras cameras and more cameras. paul was one of the skaters.
dane an be the biggest dick ever, but today he was just funny. where too now?
after not skating for a whole week, callum was a bit rusty.
footage. people look at themselves.
jam jam
harry had money today! a motor bike men bet harry $100 if you make the trick in five tries, then ended up giving him $50 just for trying.
night time. 5 down, 25 to go.

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