Tuesday, July 29, 2008


jewie found this chair so good, jewie fell asleep. 
jake was also a fan of this chair.
yeah real funny guys lets just set arould all day and not go skating! guys?
a frog ate guys on the way back to his.
we started partying at guy's new house. guy also got a larger tv.
jake started the party with a few bottles of wine.
after the praty at guy's house, we went back to jacks, for same bed time stories.
guy ended up rapping jacks little sister, which wasnt that cool.
i think we were all really bloody bored by this time, and draw so very bad pictures
i got some of my own pencils mad up, i think they come out pretty well.
"i just dont cure"
pete is done with dinner and done with melbourne. 
prior come to pete;s going about thing by himself, yeah i dont get it ether.

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