Wednesday, April 23, 2008

lets get lifted day nine

today wasn’t the best for our old friend peanut. he did then knee. he needs an operation, but he didn’t want it get stuck in this shitty hospital out in the middle of victoria, so we driven him down the melbourne so he could fly back home to sydney to get the operation.
the jumping pillow! lance wanted to come back to this place so bad! he was hyping it up the hole time. he told us the same story about him and jake racing around it on the hoon run. i think he talking it up a little to much...
...the pillow wasn’t as pumped up as it alway is, or this was to cold was it wasnt as full. but it was still heaps of fun. doing frontflips and backflips and shit. damn that shit was a work out. batman poped the billow, and stopped the fun.
cash money, fools! haha the sucker lance say $10 this try, and bam this little kid did this trick and hit the hill bomb.
yeah! almost back in lovely melbourne! everyone was hyped to be back in a real city agian, but i was hella phyiced to be back! oh and choi hit some pole.

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