Thursday, April 17, 2008

lets get lifted day five

the morning was made for chillin. It was rained in sydney so it was time to head off. Choi was writing to himself in this direly. “Dear direly, I have boobies all over my cover. And ps bryce’s feet smell.”
Every morning we would meet lance at the wall café. Lance used to work there, and now he live’s there. Saw some street art.
It was the frist time choi didn’t drive to crambera in the nine times his been there. So he had the most of it. We almost crashed it an on coming truck! B-rad was chillin hard out.

Choi was getting some protein for some gnarly fat power. And it sure did bloody work!
Byorn entertained us with footage of this father and this his skating back in the day. They really knew how it should have been done back then. He dose all crazy handstands and stuff its so tight. after a quite spot we where there.
ABC 100% new zealand goodness.
choi and his home conuty. the flag was flying high, and his was so preloud. lance was so also really happy he was dancing arould like he just got laded.
jim heaps us with a little map. maps to skaters homes, maps to skaters homes. we skated some spots, that jack fardell killed. and we saw dave chami in the street.
peanut was trying to help b-rad out with a little love note to the ladies behind the bar. we go lost driving back and peanut had to look at the map so b-rad toke over the wheel.
we chilled and started watching some crazy movie was about life and 911 and shit. and lance pasted so i licked his closed eye.

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