Monday, April 21, 2008

lets get lifted day six

this dude is the coolest guy ever! i was trying to oille some gap and he come up and said he would give me a buck next shoot if i did it. so i tryed and landed it. he then pulled a bag out of this sock, full of weed and have me two big buds. he was so hyped of life! "shit is my bus coming?"
then i did my trick with a brocken board, and he have me even more weed haha.he got a rcva tee for beeing so cool. well it wasnt that broken. then we flimed at some more spots. and i set up a new board.
choi got gnarly and drunk a six pack of jim beam all to himself. we sat the watched the nice street art, as spike jonze told us storys about life.
b-rad did a gosty air. we got a way with merder at tthis place, we got kicked out with in two minters and still got long enouth to got his trick.
and again that night i got my art fag on. this time with my phone. and agian! shit i was on a roll.
shit i droped my phone.

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