Tuesday, April 22, 2008

lets get lifted day eight

we woke up in the dester. with a little love bit form the bed. man there was alot of crazy ass people in this town! we saw waterloo shantell. b-rad got so dickheads, are you smokers!peanut got gnarly after finding out about the old as photo on beardobrah. he really wanted to fight. we drove past this old as house. and get went in for some arty photos. 176 something place shittown, bad name but a great place.
byorn was down to get his artfag on. this place had the nice writeing on the walls. death, cunts vnite, peace dick and evern choi sux. cool windows and boodly wallpaper.
the backyeard was kinda cool too. peanut and his but crack were there, taking photos. lance was love these place, for his arty shoots. he was shooting everyone. he got me to stand on a car. sorry i didnt mean it! man it was all camreas out at his place.
then it was good long stop at the bottle shop. hello my little friend. lance and byron got food from this place on the dc trip. and they said it was really good and the guy was hella chill! all this was true! they even had magic mushy's on the menu. byron's kalba was bigger then him! man that was some good shit! after all those beers and drinks i really need to piss, and this monster trucks as looking really dry. so i just had to piss on it. we almost got run out of down for it. the pasting car got out there shootgums! we some the real mount franklin. lance kissed a wine bottle, peanut got lucky, and i got real unlucky.

after chilling in the room for a bit, watching the new about bogan lane and lance put his dancing shoes on we when to the local pub! we got some dope as parma and plays a few games of pool. choi played the winner. and everyone in that place watch this cooking show. we went home after one of the locals told us to all fuck off back to new zealand

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