Tuesday, April 22, 2008

lets get lifted day seven

haha sucker! choi had to get us all coffee and food.
drain spot number one. tinbum's artfag photos. lance was a look for rocks. peanut was on the job. tinbum had to go to work but he would be back later, peace man.after the hard work, we stoped off for some eat downs. chois favourite asian food. brad was keen and waiting. watching the motorbikes drive past. rule one with choi on how to eat asian, look like an old crazy asian man, first, then taste the food, then and only then the hot sauce.
drain spot number two. we drove past this spot on our way into town, and lance was like WOW! so we turned around to have a closer look. and it turned out really good after a little clean up. bjorn really wanted in on this photo huh.
lance was really keen for this spot, after he when on the hoon run. choi was still being asian. and i spat on my hand.we then went shopping, i needed some new under wear and bjorn got a battery for his camera, as the other worked out where to go. on the way to the next spot tinbums car broke down, just like his vx. after a wile we left them to it, but there still showed up that the next spot before us...?
this sports teacher was pretty cool. he didn’t believe b-rad could walk across this pole, but b-rad proved him wrong. choi was really turning crazy at this point in time. he wouldn’t shut up, so i got him a little something. but it didn’t really work, he was still crazy as ever..
choi tried being write and brad tried being asian. and choi found a new little friend.

a quick stop off at the bottle-o for some beer! now we are chilling! after lance drank all that he really need to piss. he head on to that bottle all bloody night and took it to bed with him.

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