Saturday, October 25, 2008


cookie crisp
this guy said he would blow up the gas store, his one crazy man. no luck today
photo scuba. pole jammy fs 180
off hayden goes
jammy jam, with steve filming 
we went to the shop so andy look at cameras.
and then we got stuck there for some minunts 
eyes and eyebrows 
hayden is a true gamer 
steve loves his guitars 
guys like looking at girls. its no biggy
what have we here?
steve little homie was getting down to work on this ghetto ass rail.
kam was putting in minutes with some women 
home made tattoos
skated little blacky in the ghetto ass neighborhood
chris from rob & big just comes and eats his food at ohio, and makes everyone hungry. keivn was feeling funny tonight
so we had to get some food, and kevin got a yoyo
hayden was being a mad gamer 
stuart licked the beer off the flour 

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