Wednesday, October 1, 2008


bye west coast 
ibeer, the flight was very metro 
hello east coast.
just if you didnt know were your going.
new york baby, thats a nice little sky line
meet up this new york keegan. andrew and bjorn are looking tried, piles.
out now... you mean, out of your mind
bjorn was 
just some friendly loving 
free shoots cos james and keegan host the night.
drink up
more friendly loving.
$50 you know were thats going.
james, the new york callum
the shirt comes off and the cameras come out.

666 the number of the devil.
sam had no comment on james.
dancing step one
dancing step two
dancing step three 
bjorn is lost to the party sence.
killer rocks

1 comment:

callum said...

YO beardo!
im way better than mapstone!
i havent been doing much, just the standard issue skateboarding, and trying to do school work.
how is the BIG APPLE? i am very jealous! take more photos on the streets. i want to see!
tell me all about it.