Thursday, October 9, 2008


i woke up in hospital, with the doctor tell me that i was a bit too drunk last night.
as if i was
i lift my fruit in the holding room 
fake as
lance made a mess of his camera
lost, all the food in my tum tum 
look-a-like rod and zach, photo time
central park time
in to the habitat, right in the middle of the big smoke
damn thats alot of water, is anyone thirst, there more then enough to go around 
play ball
suck up some sun
skate the footparths
a nice little hill
skate or die
food, or not
im not as good as sam
more park
back into the big smoke
trump, the big man in town
back under ground 
leety oner 
water anyone
dill spot
see anything you like paul?
lance felt a little under the weather 
thats pauls, ya doggass 
just waiting for the others
free ran, out of here
i hit a wall

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