Thursday, October 23, 2008


first thing chilling out of the hot sun
rails that go out from steps
north hollywood
mosaic goodness, and i scuba flow box come for the house
hayden had to check his back cos kevin was after him
bang bang, shit go wet  
drive by
flat down flat down flat down rail
miss american green, i helped save our trees.  this guys weren't helping every much. this is that mother earth thinks of them
manuals for days
the hidden porn shelf, isnt so hidden anymore. and yes that my finger 
you could have a conversation with is porno
no luck. halloween is on its way.
some odd rail spot
kevin was waiting at the bus stop to get the hell out of here
joe pack was jumping high
slamming on the landing 
and stopping traffic with his body
as seen on the hd camera
after food cigaret, is the best one.
kicked out in  5 seconds
night and lights
music video?
scott's git, made by brad staba. fully painted front and back. its even got some tits on it, but my titees are better.
kevin jamming 
new outfits

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