Sunday, October 19, 2008


the bag life
my bed
we got up early today, and even made it for macs breakfast 
ollie shows us his foveate redtube i mean youtube video
the ipod
the chess and crackers rump, danny fs oille
steve and danny just chilled
the rump is also the liberty warehouse rump. austyn sw fs heel
danny just exiting the park
austyn's and his little sweet heart
old spot
justin just selling some shoes
need a car wash, cos it looks pretty dirty 
thats just lame
this spot was just over the hills and far far away, and just ended up a hot spot
danny bs tail
austyn grindy grind

justin bs smith all the way to the end, yeah right
ollie shooting
steve filming hd
full grown men setting around in a car park playing with toys
wheres the good food spot
night time, real trees
long car and a hyped ohio

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