Monday, October 20, 2008


warmed up at mikes ramp
where to go now
the camera didnt come out of the car at his spot, untill one hour later
same gnarly shit went down at ohio lastnight
stuart like the window now
yes he dose, his a good boy
theres a first for everything, and it was oille's first time for ohio.
oille tree
of the kids went to play
oille is out of this planet 
a bar that goes out
what the hell is this thing
i dont know what to say for this photo
iphone calllist photo
its cody's birthday so steve and scott were down to do something nice for him
and that nice thing was to get him fucked up
happy birthday cody
doorway beer bong 
its called love, thats going to make same funny looking babys
so what if your got work in the morning, so dose cody, the berics ant going to film them selfs you know
just put in anything you can, whats ever you can spare 
stuart and his crazy eyes
scott likes to self-bong 
out cold
after returning for the bar, cody had a few more drinks, beer and shoots. and done.

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