Thursday, October 16, 2008


long bloody hot car ride down to san diego 
3hr of messed up traffic just coz of a little fire 
blacks box, damn thats some dirty words
danes little sleepy hole, home sweet home
san diego drain spot number one
dane bs nose grinned it pretty esay
the mapstone with a back d
dane was pulling out nose hairs in the car, and god damn they were long.
san diego drain spot number two is some where over there
joe just chilled on the fs tail
this spot was just one big seat
double trouble 
i cut out dane's head on his back nose blunt cos his so uncle.
what up, bro?
san drain spot number three
was once full of shit, and i mean poo
there was a car wash, but for you crap
dane coming out of his poop chute 
lager then life
anyone home
mapstone was playing with his big bits
night fall, means photo time
im sure joe's photo was better then his one

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