Saturday, November 22, 2008


piggy back ride
lots and lots of pushing 
bye bye mister rock, and even switch 
up goes the pole, and down it comes again 
really to rip 
singing your life away
well only come if we get 4 cans of coke, later 
jumpy jump
just shooting 30 foot hoops
kevin oilling to heaven 
two lions so fun
even thing you could even need
scott and his works glasses 
reviewing footage 
the usa, the home of the free and the fat
barbie jumping 
megan toke the longest, almost almost and done
just up and over
easy and with a smile 
thats a fully stoop 
looks like kevin is getting some bum 
cant remember 
i dont even know, can someone tell me why i feel like i did something wrong when i woke up?

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