Friday, November 7, 2008


early as fuck starts, hot grandma, and cricket went in for a closers look.
skate spot, whos down to get down
cairo found a water gap
really we just stood around a whole lot
fun face
green spot
austin boards slide 
water water water jimmy water mexican bag kevin bag skateboard bag
nester switch push on the loosest trucks iv ever seen
keegan tail slide, and a photo in the making
kegan just jumping around 
grindy grindy 
our guide, found leo's camera and start taking photos of everything.
some mexican loving
to tell you the truth i only toke this photo coz jimmy did. big juice boxers
the boss man them self
this kids live for ranbo
photo time austin
hi fives all round 
cairo having fun with some woilles
we are doing it mexico style it the over packed van
lunch time, tacos 
the hair cut, this the the way we see cairo now
a mexican in and taco store
i cant read, but i guess they can. books anyone
next spot, lets see what this bull shit entails 
kevin was strate into it pushing 
1/3 of cairo's bank ticks 
this was in the rest of the park.
tricks went down
happy snaps went down, ya dogass
lines went down
even blogging went down
fuckin oath you wish you could get some
on the road again
this shit is gnar
nose slide the four stair hubba
went going to the pyramids
big man means big cramp 
talking about big
big piss
keegans new home
board as, stuck in traffic 

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