Monday, November 10, 2008


first think keegan got done for pulling his dick out in front of the police
bank to road
its just a whole lot of shit the keep the road up
keegn oille, hella bootleg
leo alway sat up strate
old ladie came to hung out at the dirty skate spot
austin just rolling
keegan boardy
oille time
manely spot, well there some banks too, with a little taste of mexico 
arty bank spot
the crew, and this ones just for cryro. only joking
monkey gap
big kids playing
jam jam to fakie
crickets new car and job
back to the hotel, now driver, it alway photo time in mexico
sun's a setting
the mexicans wonted to take us out on the town
and kill us
drink up boys
get some
the band played a little show just for us
mr crazy hand
time to get the girls good and drunk to dance 
this girl didnt like me thanks photos she gave me the finger 
pro.... hoe?
crazy fake money in the bars

late night street dogs? bad idea?

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